Family  restaurant

The “place” for  children & adults


Unique moments of relaxation and entertainment await you in the specially designed Funmily building. .


Funmily is based in a  wonderful house, with  a big garden and special  designed indoor space for our little friends.

Funmily, with extensive experience, has been organising children’s events and parties since 2003



An ideal place for the baptism of new family members. It combines the luxury of a property, the delicious home–made food, the safety of the space, as well as the appropriate infrastructure for the children, all in a very good quality-price relationship.


Security precedes fun!

When you enter the Funmily site, you will meet at the door of the store security officer who controls who enters and exits our premises.

Funmily may provide exclusive use of all its space during the morning hours for companies for:

Meetings, brainstorming, team building, educational programs, tasting.


Corporate Events

Funmily bonus card

A privilege card with rewarding consumption, collecting points with the ability to redeem points, earning money and gifts in products and services.

Funmily has a system of food hygiene assurance HACCP – Risk Analysis-Critical Control Points (CCI), with certificate number 20249

Administrative Credentials