Unique moments of relaxation and entertainment await you in the specially designed Funmily building. .

During the cold winter days you can relax in the interior Bistrot-café with its’ country décor, sitting  by the- slowly burning- fireplace and watching your children playing from the cameras in specially designed playing areas, always under the supervision and guidance of our experienced staff.

During the summer days, enjoy an oasis in our lovely garden with dense vegetation and incredible smells from the coniferous blossoms, while the children play in our outdoor playground.

Enjoy our Barista’s freshly brewed coffee or one of our cocktails, as well as some of our Chef’s rich delicacies, all made with premium ingredients and recipes tailor-made to satisfy young and old ones equally.

Deeply appreciating the value of the family, as well as the special relationship of the child with his/hers parents, we have created a unique space for family entertainment that caters the needs of parents and utilizes the skills of our little friends, developing an educational and at the same time  fun set of activities.

Funmily is set in a lovely building with a garden and spacious rooms equipped with creative materials for all ages.

  • Funmily provides activities for children from 30 months to 10 years old.
  • Children from 18 months to 30 months old, can only be accompanied to the playgrounds by an adult.


In the internal playground activities for ages 9 to 10 are as follows:

Table games, PS 5, cinema, karaoke, just dance, forthnite dance.

It is compulsory for children to wear non-slip socks when moving around the Funmily premises.

Daily creative children distraction.

Wednesday – Cooking / Pastry & Musical play

Thursday – Crafts & Theatrical play

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