An ideal place for the baptism of new family members. It combines the luxury of a property, the delicious home–made food, the safety of the space, as well as the appropriate infrastructure for the children, all in a very good quality-price relationship.

Our indoor space can accommodate up to 100 people, while in our outdoor space we can accommodate up to 180 people. The experienced staff keeps our little friends company,  in a creative way.

Face painting, balloon construction, drawings, games, creative work, will fill the children’s time in an interesting way, while tasting the most delicious treats. You and your guests will simply enjoy the baptism of your child with all the service required.

  • Food for everyone (kids and adults), as we provide a restaurant’s kitchen, with a large possibility of alternative proposals from our Chef, as well as supervision of serving for the children.
  • Possibility of handmade sweets (not cake).
  • Free consumption of all kinds of coffee, juices, soft drinks for young and old.
  • Entertainment of children under the guidance of our specialized staff with years of experience in the pedagogical field. The children throughout the event are constantly busy with games corresponding to their age (dance, karaoke, team games, treasure hunt, puppet show, potato sack race, handkerchief, musical chairs, balloon, doing face painting, etc.).
  • Survivor games with the necessary, adapted for children’s ages, equipment.
  • Security at the entrance for the absolute security of incoming and outgoing people from our space.
  • FUNMILY MASCOT. A huge stuffed cat, Mily, plays impressing young and old (with an additional charge).
  • Use of all indoor and outdoor playground space.
  • Photographic coverage of the event by our photographer with the ability to instantly print photos as well as create an electronic file on the usb (at a charge).
  • The indoor playground space provides a smart interactive table, a disco-room, karaoke and painting activities, a kitchen corner, a multistory with slides (ages 3 to 8 years) and a  swimming pool full of small balls(ages 3 months to 3 years).
  • The outdoor playground space provides a small soccer field, a large multistory sliding structure (for children aged 3 to 10 years), smaller multistory constructions (for children 18 months to 3 years), swings for all ages with special seats.
  • There is a movie theater with a projector for home-cinema, with regular stolen seats, which steals the show. 
  • Decoration of dining table with: flower pots and balloons with color choice.
  • Invitations
  • We provide memorable gifts for your event (cost depending on your choice).
  • Security in the entrance for the ultimate security of inbound and outbound people.