Administrative Credentials

Funmily has a system of food hygiene assurance HACCP – Risk Analysis-Critical Control Points (CCI), with certificate number 20249

The play area/refreshment/coffee/snack bar with the consultant supervisor of health and the specialized staff has pointed out every element of the activities that are critical for ensuring the health/safety of food produced and that the appropriate procedures for hygiene/safety be laid down, to apply, to be observed and adapted, in accordance with the following principles used to develop the System of HACCP. (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

The analysis of the potential risks for the finished products in the production process of the play area/refreshment bar, the labelling of the stages and timing (“points”) in the production process, in which can arise such risks,

The identification of identified points of critical importance for food safety (“critical points”), as well as the establishment and implementation of effective control and monitoring procedures at these critical points; and

Review, periodically and whenever the activity of the playground/refreshment, Risk Analysis, Critical Control points and Control and monitoring procedures changes.

The principles of the HACCP system are seven, the following:

Identification of any sources of risk that must be prevented, eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels (HazardAnalysis).

Identification of Critical Control Points (CriticalControlPoints,

CCPs) at the stage (s) where control is essential for the prevention or elimination of a source of risk or its reduction in acceptable levels.

Establishment of critical limits for each critical control point, with which separate the acceptable from the unacceptable, in terms of prevention, eliminate or reduce identified sources of risk.

Definition and implementation of effective procedures monitoring for each critical control point.

Introduction of corrective measures, where identified during the monitoring that a critical checkpoint is not under control.

Establishment of procedures, which are regularly carried out to it shall be verified that the measures taken work effectively.

Establishment of documentation with documents and dossiers according to the nature and size of the food business in order to demonstrate the effective implementation of the measures referred to in points 1 to 6.

The Address of the play area/refreshment bar reviews the application of the relevant procedures on an annual basis and update, when required, in order to comply with the latest information on food safety, the legislation and the contractual requirements of the play area/refreshment bar.

Funmily has specially designed spaces for the hospitality and activity of our small visitors. The games are updated / maintained every year and comply with the strictest safety regulations of the EU; additionally, they have the annual approval of EVETAM.

Funmily has a certificate of safe installation and operation of a playground.  With this certificate, Funmily was tested and found to meet the applicable requirements of the control standards and Government Gazette 2213/2019

Purpose: to check compliance with the safety requirements of the standards and Greek legislation (Government Gazette B2213 / 08.06.19)

The audit is carried out on an annual basis.

In the context of the security which the law provides a children’s play area, special attention should be given to cleanliness, which holds primary importance, since it relates to venues with whom they come in contact with children, which are among the most vulnerable population groups.

The company “Clean playground” has an ISO 9001 Quality Management System for places where children are active.